Nutri Cut 12

12-Week Intensive Fat Loss Programme

Drop body fat, increase lean muscle and take your physique to the next level

Programme Highlights

Personal Training



121 Coaching & Team Conditioning

Nutrition Coaching


Moderate Protocol

Intensive Protocol

Extreme Protocol

A proven system that will challenge you to achieve remarkable results in the short term but more importantly provide you with a long term solution to health and body recomposition.

Tailored to your availability and budget

Ideal for special events such as weddings

Suitable for all experience levels

What does it include?

What is The Nutri Cut Protocol?

We do no sell false promises. Success is determined by your ability to stick to the plan. Choose a protocol that accommodates your lifestyle but also challenges you to take your physique to the next level.

Difficulty level


Disruption to current lifestyle


Estimated weight loss

6 % of current bodyweight

This protocol is ideal for:

Time poor Londoners who socialise regularly

Clients with erratic schedules and family commitments

Clients who have a history of disordered eating habits

Other comments:

Adhoc strategy focusing on food choice & portion sizes

Alcohol and eating out is allowed within moderation

Long term strategy to body recomposition

Difficulty level


Disruption to current lifestyle


Estimated weight loss

8 -12 % of current body weight

This protocol is ideal for:

Special events such as weddings and birthdays

Clients committed to making substantial changes

Clients who do not have a history of disordered eating

Other comments:

Plan and track your dietary intake to guarantee results

Include foods you enjoy, drink alcohol and still hit targets

This plan is intensive and will require a significant commitment

Difficulty level


Disruption to current lifestyle


Estimated weight loss

12 -18 % of current body weight

This protocol is ideal for:

Clients looking for extreme weight loss in rapid time

Clients without sizeable commitments outside the gym

Clients who do not have a history of disordered eating

Other comments:

It is not a long term solution to body recomposition

There will be little to no opportunity to drink alcohol

Each client will be assessed individually before admittance


Be confident that you have made the right decision

Our 7-day trial is a chance for you to experience our unique approach to weight loss.

We offer this generous discount because we know that you will love the service & want you to feel 100% confident that you have made the right decision.

One off payment of £48

The 7-day trial includes :

Strategy Session with Head Coach

Goal Setting with Dedicated Coach

2 Personal Training Sessions

1 NPT Conditioning Circuit

Access to NPT Coaching App


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Common Questions

Price starts at 480 + VAT / 4 weeks. Entry level includes 8 PT sessions, one goal setting consultation, one nutrition consultation and access to Team Conditioning.

You have the option to add conditioning circuits to your training plan, the cost of which is £18 / session. We reserve them for 121 clients only — a maximum of 8 per class.

There is no difference in the service we offer between the various options. Your goals, budget and experience level will determine the frequency of training sessions required.

You have the option to pause your programme for one week during the initial 12-weeks. Our online training fee of 72 / week will be applied.

Yes. We have experience training a broad spectrum of clients at various ages, fitness levels and starting points. Some of our most successful clients had zero experience, to begin.

Our gym is not busy. It is a private setting and is the perfect environment for one to one coaching. By the end of the programme, you’ll wonder why you were ever nervous in the first place.

No, we don’t guarantee results. However, we promise that if you trust in our programme and follow our advice, the results that you can achieve will be extraordinary.

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